Quick Christian Art!
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Quick Christian Art!

For your Christian art!
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 QCA book!

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PostQCA book!

our story!
Chapter one!

The motercycle sped through new york chasing after a limo. the motercycler pressed a butten on the bike and shot out a rope witch attached itself to the limo in front of him! when the mysterious driver seen the bike behind him he turned into a skid and sent the motercycler flying from his bike sending him through the window of a cloths store! then the motercycler (wich was a poicles officer) held his head for a moment and then thinking fast he ran out side and saw the mysterious driver pull into a near by store. He started running when the driver got out! he wore a long dark cloak and when the he seen the police man (whos name was peter) he pulled out a gun and shot him! then Peter (who was wearing body armour) was knocked uconsies and woke up in a strange room! he looked around the room there was a small widow a chair by a table with some papers skatered around on it, and there standing by the lock door stould a man drest in black clothes with only a slit for the man to see and he was holding a gun! "Who are you?" peter asked felling a little dizzy! my name does not mater to you right now! what maters is the name of my master the man who shot you" he sayed with a chuckle. "But... I dont understand where am i?" then at that moment to more soildiers came in and behind them was the man in the black trench coat!

to be continued!

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From a brilliant authur!

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QCA book!

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