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Quick Christian Art!

For your Christian art!
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 Chapter 2! our story!

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Chapter 2! our story! Empty
PostChapter 2! our story!

Chapter 2!

Peter got up and felt for his gun... it was gone! "what do you want with me?" "the dark figure lokked down at him and said "I am The DARK LORD OF KANUSH!
"so as i go around with the limo that is now MINE all police oficers that try to get me all my men will get of the car and get them! and after that there will be no police to protected the city and i will roald the city of Zsperg!" Then peter did a spin kick and nocked two of the soldiers out and went after the dark lord! but then the dark lord streched out his hand and grabbed peter by the neck! "how dare you try to tacckle me!!!!" he sayed as he through peter against the wall but peter grabed the gun frum the belt of the lord as he was thron back. as he hit the wall he shot the gun which sruck the face of the dark lord!
but for some reason the bullet went srait through cloak head and hit the wall behind him! "Ha you can not kill me!" The Dark lord said. Then somthing hard hit Peters head and he was unconsies again. Then he awoke exept he was in a different room strapped to chair! there was a giant machine in front of him that was pointing at him! the dark lord stood next to him and as he awoke he grabbed the chair and tilted it back and said with a low voice....

/// Tomorrows worrys can wait until tomorrow. But tomorows needs tell us to use today wisly! ///
From a brilliant authur!

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Chapter 2! our story!

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